Bloomberg Law: Lost Work, ER Visits Urged in Drug Panel’s Migraine Analysis


Lost work days and time spent in emergency rooms should have weighed more heavily in an analysis of migraine medicines by an influential advisory board, advocates said. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, a nonprofit that analyzes whether a drug’s outcome for patients justifies its price tag, can sway insurers’ decisions on drug coverage. It recently determined that Allergan’s Ubrelvy, Eli Lilly’s Reyvow, and rimegepant—a Biohaven drug still being considered for approval by the…

Politico: ICER Revises Migraine Report, But Advocacy Groups Still Not Satisfied


The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review revised its previous assessment of two new migraine drugs, determining that they meet its long-term cost-effectiveness thresholds — after previously ruling the cost of the medicines was too high. The final evidence report concluded that Allergan’s Ubrelvy, which costs $4,896 a year, and Biohaven’s rimegepant meet the cost-effectiveness threshold.

Inside Health Policy: Advocacy Groups Push ICER To Reevaluate Migraine Drug Analysis


Policy and patient advocacy groups are calling on the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review to rerun its analysis on the cost-effectiveness of three drugs to treat acute migraines, using ICER’s updated framework that considers societal factors. The advocacy groups expect the cost-effectiveness rating of the three drugs would increase further using that framework.