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Opportunities to advocate on this issue are happening daily and we encourage groups and individuals to support the fight against these discriminatory practices. Provided below are resources to help you stay informed on ongoing national issues and events.


July 17, 2019 Webinar: Value Assessments – the Impact on People with Rare Diseases Recap

June 20, 2019: House and Senate Briefings Recap

2018 PIPC Annual Forum Recap


Morning Consult Poll on Cost and QALYs

Tony Coelho on International Pricing in San Jose Mercury News

MedPAC Blog in the Hill

Let’s Keep Patient-Centered Solutions at the Forefront of Health Care Policies by Randall Rutta

CMMI Activity

International Pricing Index Letter

Stakeholder Letter to MedPAC on Cost and QALYs

Congressional Activity

Summary of Title 1 of H.R. 3: Giving Discrimination a Back Door into U.S. Coverage Decisions

QALY Ban at Section 501 of H.R. 1384

QALY Ban at Section 2206 of H.R. 7339 (115th Congress)

Bill Implicating Potential Use of QALYs

Senator Bernie Sanders bill on Medicare for All

Existing Medicare Statutory Ban on Use of QALYs

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and Medicare: 42 U.S.C. 1320e–1

Precedent for Barring States from Medicaid Use of QALYs

NYT Opinion by Former HHS Secretary