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What's the Issue?

Policymakers and industry stakeholders are considering policies that will have a significant impact on what treatments patients and persons with disabilities can access. The use of flawed, discriminatory value assessments could threaten access to care for patients with chronic illnesses and people with disabilities. These assessments place a value on the life of a human based on their health status and assume every patient will respond the same way to treatments. Methods for assessing value should meaningfully acknowledge diversity amongst all patients, avoiding the use of obscure methods that embody a “one-size- fits-all” mentality for determining value.


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How Do I Get Involved?

Your voice is needed to inform decision makers about outcomes that matter to patients and people with disabilities, as well as the value of your health and your loved ones. Researchers are actively assessing the value of treatments using quality-adjusted-life-years (QALYs) and similar discriminatory metrics. Payers, in turn, use these assessments to decide what treatments are covered. Stay informed about upcoming value assessments and access resources to help you be engaged.


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Action Center

Opportunities to advocate on this issue are happening daily and we encourage groups and individuals to support the fight against these discriminatory practices. Provided below are upcoming state and national resources that you can use to stay informed.


Stay informed with resources on how policy- makers are using value assessments to limit access for patients and people with disabilities.

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